Kline Academy of Art Workshop

Class time: Sundays 10:30am - 5:30pm  

*Session Class - July 9, 16 & 23, 2017

In this exclusive class you will be painting from REFERENCE PHOTOS, Learning to transcend copying a photo.


In this exclusive class learn from one of the most sought after figure artists in L.A. how to use simple but alluring Alla Prima (wet on wet) painting techniques combined with other unique methods to create a polished composition with photo references. This class is fitting for students who are interested in bridging figure or portrait painting into narrative personal work.  It is designed for students who wish to construct complex/personal paintings based upon classic, archetypal (or contemporary) compositions.  

Special attention will be given to composition, design, and the interpretation of visual cues using art historical references, lighting, strategic props, and visual psychology. You will be guided through lecture, demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and group discussion to develop and create well-organized images.

We will concentrate on how to design composition, merge/separate backgrounds in scenes with figures and figure-ground relation. Students will work from photo references and any other imagery/imagination in class along with the instructor.

Students will gain a strong understanding of formal issues and conceptual strategies related to painting the figure. Open to artists of all levels.